Indian Astrology / Ritual Services Om Shanti Om In New York, NY, USA
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Om Shanti Om

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  • Name: Om Shanti Om
  • Contact: (347) 622-9278
  •  Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11256

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 Business category: Astrology / Ritual Services
 Business contact: (347) 622-9278

About Us

The term astrology means “knowledge of the stars.” A skilled astrologist views the stars and planets as if they are life forces that are experienced within each of us. The term zodiac is Greek, and means “animal“. The ancient Greeks improved upon the art of astrology by dividing the heavens into 12 groups known as constellations. Each of these groups is identified with a zodiac character, which in turn, correlates with the personality of each constellation.Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time, and mass societal opinion.

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