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Astro-Vastu Insights

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  • Name: Meenal Kumar
  • Contact: (641) 230-0819
  •  Columbus

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 Business category: Astrology / Ritual Services
 Business contact: (641) 230-0819

About Us

Hi ! This is Meenal Kumar, I am a founder of Vastu-n-sight. I started my journey in a occult science as a Vedic Astrology consultant in 2002. But in my later journey in the field of occult science I attained an expertise on the guidelines of Vastu Shastra(architectural science). Apart from this I am a software professional. ?? With a right alignment of Vastu principles with a analysis of person's birth chart, help providing a number of success stories. If there is a right flow of Solar, Magnetic and cosmic energy in your premise it can bring abundance of prosperity and a good fortune. Vastu and Fengshui both based on 5 elements and 360* degree flow of energy. ?

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